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“Highly recommended for the curious and adventurous amongst you...” —Terrascope, UK

With a European tour planned for Fall 2014—the sixth in six years—Rainstick Cowbell is releasing a fourth LP, Hand Over the Heart, with a temper harkening back to 2009’s fireants featuring elemental acoustic guitar and pure, stripped-down vocals.

The new album follows a western U.S. tour that showcased Rainstick Cowbell’s “punk-rock nihilism of the mind” (The Portland Mercury) with passion-driven songs charting an ambitious journey from personal manifestos of patriotism and alcohol poisoning to ruminations upon 5th century Ostrogothic history.

“Arbogast is as raw as songwriters come. He's also dead serious about coloring outside the neat and tidy lines of safety and happiness, making his shows an in-your-face look at the lies we tell ourselves and how to fix them.” —The Source Weekly

Born in the lowlands of Mississippi and after a childhood in cities spanning the arc of the Gulf of Mexico, Arbogast wandered across the country to set roots in Portland, Oregon. The vibrant Northwest indie music scene—and nine months of crappy wet weather which encourages rampant basement recording—provides fertile ground for the singer-songwriter whose musical meanderings follow in the soul-worn path of such storytellers as Elliott Smith, Billy Bragg and Woodie Guthrie.

“Rainstick Cowbell is an incredible mine of human emotions, especially pain, suffering and anger which all, in the climax of the song, become a liberating catharsis… His persona is still running, chasing, cursing and seeking. It is a tragic figure whose exploration is becoming a passion for music fans.” —BalconyTV Poznan, Poland [translated from Polish]

The 2014 European tour will take Rainstick Cowbell back into now-familiar territory from Germany and Switzerland to Poland and Italy, where portions of the 2013 LP, Damage Control Damage, were recorded.

“The audiences [in Europe] are packed with great people and I’ve made some good friends,” says Arbogast. “I relate to the troubadour history there, going from town to town, singing for my supper. I could tour Europe forever.”

Samples of the new songs are available at RainstickCowbell.com, or email rainstickcowbell@gmail.com.


released January 1, 2014

Samples of the new songs are available at RainstickCowbell.com, or email rainstickcowbell@gmail.com.



Rainstick Cowbell Portland, Oregon

“Rainstick Cowbell makes searing music that’s intensely personal…[from] intense, clear-eyed rants to unhinged exorcisms. It’s exhilarating to hear music this raw.”
—Portland Mercury

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